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By Prisync  (Free)
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Prisync is a competitor price tracking and monitoring software for all sizes of e-commerce firms from all around the world.

Simply put, the program tracks online prices and stock availabilities. It then lets e-commerce companies define smart pricing rules, depending on their unit product costs and competitor prices. By applying dynamic pricing on their ‘webshope’ Prisync will help businesses increase sales and profit margins.

Key features include:

  • Stop tracking manually
  • Prices updated four times a day
  • Easy setup and implementation
  • Boost sales and profit margin
  • Dynamic reporting and email alerts
  • Bulk importing
  • Unlimited competitor product URL tracking for all plans

Prisync can be mastered in just three steps. First you must add your products and competitors’ URL to your dashboard. Then Prisync will track the prices and stock availability information of every product and URL that you have added. The program will monitor the details of every products’ prices and stock availabilities in the dashboard.

Overall, Prisync can help businesses of any kind save a lot of time and keep them always up-to-date to better understand their competitive landscape. The dashboard and email notifications will help businesses to craft their decisions. After all, Prisync is already helping various sizes of e-commerce companies from more than 40 countries