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By Paycor, Inc  (Free)
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Paycor is a unified human capital management platform that modernizes the way you manage people. It includes management capabilities for recruiting and onboarding, HR & benefits, learning and training, time and attendance, payroll and tax, and reporting and analytics.

Paycor modernises all aspects of people management, from recruitment to retainment and building a company culture. The real selling point is its ability to unify all forms of employee data into one single platform. With Paycor, you'll no longer need to switch platforms, log in to multiple systems or duplicate data entry.

Recruiting and Onboarding
Paycor's recruiting and onboarding software optimizes and streamlines your recruiting process to help you find the top talent, then engage and retain them through effective onboarding. It gives you a top notch Applicant Tracking System (ATS) that is simple, smart, and designed by recruiting professionals. You can then manage every aspect of the onboarding process in a more effective way.

Learning Management
Paycor uses an award-winning learning management system that combines virtual, classroom, mobile and social capabilities in a single platform. Your employees can learn at their own pace, and access self-paced training on the go, from any device. It helps you to make learning more accessible for everyone, and provides useful tools to easily organize, manage and track training.

Reporting and Analytics
The Paycor HR Reporting and Analytics module gives you true insights and actionable data, and allows you to quickly run the reports you need. No two businesses are the same, so Paycor's reporting metrics are customizable to your specific business needs. It provides deeper insights into your HR, time and payroll solutions to give you the full picture and identify actionable outcomes from your data.

Paycor pricing information is available on a direct quote basis.

Bottom Line
Overall, Paycor is a complete and unified human capital management or HR software solution. It covers all of your HR needs in an effective way, helping you to streamline all of your HR processes and increase productivity and performance.